Creative Approaches to Qualitative Researching

26-30 June 2017
Course content overview

This intermediate level course offers a hands-on introduction to creative approaches to doing qualitative research. The various stages of research will be covered, from data collection and analysis through to writing with qualitative data. We begin by introducing what we mean by doing qualitative research creatively, before moving on to consider ‘Facet methodology’, an inventive orientation to researching the multidimensionality of everyday lives, which puts the researcher’s creativity and imagination at the heart of methodological practice. The course also explores some of the practical and ethical issues in using creative methods. Participants will be given a practical and hands-on introduction to a range of creative qualitative methods, including visual methods and ‘material methods’. The course will also cover key principles in qualitative data analysis, and how these can be put into practice. Finally, we discuss practical and intellectual strategies for writing with qualitative data, and consider how it is possible to theorise, or write conceptually, with such data. The course includes several practical workshop exercises involving creating and analysing qualitative data, where participants will have the opportunity to work with their own data.

This course will:

  • Introduce students to creative methods both as an approach, and as a means of generating social science research data
  • Introduce students to a range of creative methods
  • Give students practical experience in the use of creative methods
  • Introduce students to analytical strategies appropriate to creative methods
  • Introduce students to strategies for writing with qualitative data

Course requirements

This is an intermediate course where participants will be expected to have a good understanding of the basic principles of qualitative methods and to have some experience of qualitative data collection and analysis. Ideally, participants would be in the position of having their own qualitative data to analyse. Participants will be invited to bring a small excerpt of their own qualitative data (eg text or pictures that can be brought in hard copy) for use in the participative workshop sections.

The number of places on this course is limited. Those applying to register on this course will be asked to submit a short statement outlining at what stage their research is and why they wish to attend this course.


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