Structural equation modelling using Mplus

26 – 30 June 2017


This course gives a hands on introduction to what is possible in a latent variable analysis framework using Mplus. Building up the different sides of latent variable modelling and structural equation modeling step by step, eight different types of analysis are tackled.
Regression, Path Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Item Response Theory, Measurement modelling, Latent Class Analysis, Longitudinal Analysis and lastly, hybrids of these are all topics of the course covered in lectures and practical analysis in Mplus.
Bringing your own data and research questions is highly recommended!

Course objectives

  • Distinguish and understand different types of latent variable analysis;
  • Learn how to do basic and advanced structural equation modelling;
  • Understand how to combine different techniques in one model; and
  • Learn how to use Mplus

Course timetable

Monday: Regression
Tuesday: Path Analysis; Confirmatory factory analysis
Wednesday: Item response theory; measurement modelling
Thursday: Latent class analysis; Longitudinal modelling
Friday: Model building

Course tutors

The course will be taught by Dr Nick Shryane and Dr Bram Vanhoutte

Course requirements

Basic statistical knowledge (variance, mean, …) and experience in using regression models (linear and logistic).
Some experience in working with syntax is helpful but not absolutely necessary


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